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Motion Protocol unifies film financing, production, distribution and exploitation with blockchain technology.

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What is Motion Protocol?

We are an industry-specific blockchain ecosystem for all transactions arising in film.

Individuals and companies involved in film production and distribution get a unique digital environment to build and operate accounting, financing, licensing, and data storage with the environment itself "performing" these core business functions.

The result is a more transparent, simplified, faster process of making films, and more profits throughout the value chain because everyone involved in a film project has more control and visibility of what is happening with the budget, rights, and core business data, with less need to rely on expensive third parties (such as lawyers and accountants), and manual processing.

Film Financing

In our ecosystem, creatives and producers can securitize future revenues generated from the exploitation of their works as digital token and sell them to institutional and retail investors alike.

Budget control

We allow strict budget control for producers and crew members with the help of programmable money and transparent accounting.

Fair Distribution

We offer intuitive license agreement generators based on industry-vetted contract templates, and we document consent on our immutable accounting ledger.

Direct payments

Revenues generated with our open and decentralized content catalog are paid directly to investors and rights holders as dividends.

Tradable in online markets

Once fully released, our ecosystem will allow for institutional and retail investors’ to trade movie shares in a liquid online market for films.

Our system in motion

Every film in Motion Protocol has a unique online access point for its digital files, contractual, accounting, financial, and business history.

Step 1: Financing

Crowds and professional investors alike can invest in film funds and productions. Shares in film revenues as well as the underlying license agreements are documented and issued as tradable token in our open blockchain network. We offer a simple yet powerful language to express license contracts digitally, making core deal terms auto-enforceable by the system.

Step 2: Production

Payroll is automatable; spending rules are enforceable. Investors can monitor their investments, cash requests are made against milestones and performance reviews. Actors and crew can negotiate terms and be paid, partially, in tokenized revenue shares making them owners of the project.

Step 3: Distribution

Through a licensing protocol for intellectual property created specifically for the film industry, rights owners can sell their films directly without having to worry about dealing with complicated contracts while —at the same time— get royalty payments directly.

Step 4: Exploitation

The system can track views and route payments directly to the accounts of rights owners. For example, a person sitting on an airplane watches 30 min of a film and the rights owners get their royalty dividends deposited into their electronic wallets.

Step 5: Audience

A universal content library —accessible to a global audience— emerges as a result of Motion Protocol adding trust and fostering more efficient collaboration across the industry. Creating a universal catalog of films is the most critical function of the system.

How to Participate

Everything one needs to know to become a Motion Protocol application.

In order to participate, a company needs to integrate and implement our technology via our smart-contract programming language. Companies —on or offline— that adopt this become digitally connected to other companies offering services in the film cycle (from financing to production and from distribution to exploitation) and thereby can take advantage of the massive reduction in bureaucracy and its added earnings.

Go-to-market strategy

The near-term objective is to bring as many dApps as possible to operate in the system and produce a set of films to be screened during the 2019/2020 film festival season. Long-term we aim to offer a viable alternative to film financing and production resulting in a universal film catalog that is far more diverse and creative.

Motion, Plasma, Ethereum

Our open and censorship-resistant ecosystem is underpinned by a distributed accounting ledger based on blockchain technology. We built a scalable second-layer scaling solution to Ethereum called Plasma, which guarantees security, scalability and affords industry-specific governance rules.

Introducing the NEW token

To offer a truly open and decentralized accounting system for a global industry, Motion Protocol requires its own token - called NEW token. Every time information is permanently recorded in our system, a small transaction fee is required to protect the network. Services pay on behalf of end users.

In summary

Problems we solve:

Financing is difficult

It is currently difficult and expensive to fund the last 5-20% of a film (gap). By giving gap financing opportunities to a global crowd of retail and professional investors, we open access to new capital markets and fairer deal terms.

Human errors and fraud

Human accountants make mistakes (willingly or unwillingly) which cause misallocation of funds. By recording all transactions on the same open ledger, we create transparency and accountability.

Attorneys' fees

External attorneys are needed to validate deal terms; IP rights are in their hands, not the content creators’. We enable laymen to create robust distribution deals with the help of industry-vetted templates.

Distribution is hard

Established players control traditional distribution channels, extracting rent in an unnecessarily cumbersome process. We digitize and highly standardize the creation, dissemination and trade of film licenses for the benefit of creatives, producers, investors, exhibitors and audiences.

Tracking of rights

The same film rights are being sold twice or three times to different people. Clearing rights for exhibition is cumbersome. By documenting copyright claims on our open ledger and making core licensing terms enforceable at the protocol level, we eliminate these problems once and for all.

Files get lost

Film files get lost or take ages to be received by buyers. We automate the secure delivery of media files and introduce a distributed file storage solution (IPFS) to store film files permanently under a universal address.

Budget overruns

Investors and producers have little control over budget overruns —and excessive spending on non-essential items. We leverage the concept of programmable money and transparent accounting to remove information asymmetries.

Tight cash flows

Cash flows are tight during production. We make IP assets investable during all stages of production and distribution. Gap financing becomes simple with Motion Protocol.

Repayment struggles

It may take months if not years of struggle to repay loans. Motion protocol makes finance liquid. Every asset is a tradable token in our open ecosystem thereby providing new opportunities for refinancing.

Value creation

Creating value in a fragmented and analogue environment is hard. Motion Protocol takes away many of the inefficiencies of the film industry today, allowing creatives, curators, producers and investors to focus on creating real value.

Third parties

Banks are used to charging high fees simply because they can. We level the playing field, allowing many transactions to happen peer-to-peer. On top, we remove lock in effects of today's data silos.

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